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Biophotons: Are all nutrishion advices merely belief systems?

Biophotons (greek for: „bio “= life; und gr. „Photon“ = light) are Quantums of electromagnetic beams (ultraweak light).

 All known advanced antique cultures hold the belief that all humans have one or more ethereal “bodies” made out of light. Flesh and blood bodies were – so was it believed – made out of a coarser material.

Those of you prompt to deem this to be sheer nonsense need know that modern biophysics gives credence to this theory, since it has been proven that all living cells can store light. And that light coordinates all living activities.

Measuring theses “Biophotons” with modern cutting edge technology – such as photomultipliers – allows us to make aheadway in many interdisciplinary areas. So why shouldn’t we consider using them in strength training?

Special thanks to Luce Muzi who put a lot of effort in lecturing this article and for making it sound more like an english speaker. Merci beaucoup Luce! 🙂

Biophotons – At the beginning there was light 

The ubiquitous assumption of physics is that energy is spent whenever something moves. Energy cannot be created nor can it disappear according to the law of “law of conservation of energy”, it can only be transformed.

The same opinion is generally shared in the field of nutrition, where „energy“ most likely relates to calories (kcal) in the form of macronutrients (fats, proteins, carbohydrates).

But is this true? Or is it another urban myth that can’t be rooted out of people’s mind? Are there other insights or view points?

On this topic, the physicist and Nobel laureate Erwin Schrödinger said about 70 years ago:

 „(…) der Mensch ist kein Auto. Wir tanken nicht irgendwelchen Kraftstoff – sondern >>Ordnung<<“.[1]

 In English:

“(…) men are no cars. We aren’t fueled with some type of gasoline – but instead by >>Structure<<

Biophotons, order and Schrödinger’s cat 

Erwin Schrödinger was a world famous physicist from Vienna. We own him the „Schrödinger equation“ that was named after him. It describes a basic congruence between the structure and order of microscopic matter (such as body cells).

Schrödinger, as an expert, had the increasingly rare ability to look beyond the proverbial „box“ of his specialist area and view the world – in a metaphorical sense not just through a single perspective.

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Figure 1: „Schrödinger’s cat“, own representation.

In his book „Was ist leben“ („What is Life“) from 1945 he wrote:

„Der Kunstgriff, mittels dessen ein Organismus sich stationär auf einer ziemlich hohen Ordnungsstufe (einer ziemlich tiefen Entropiestufe) hält, besteht in Wirklichkeit aus einem fortwährenden Aufsaugen von Ordnung aus seiner Umwelt.“

In English:

„The concept of art, by means of which an organism is stationary on a rather high level of order (a rather deep entropy), consists in fact of a continual examination of order from its environment.“

Quantum physics; Schrödinger’s cat and the relationship to our diet 

Erwin Schrödinger (1887-1961) was known for his thought experiment „Schrödinger’s cat“ from 1935. According to this experiment, cats, together with a feed bowl, water, and a cyanide capsule, would be locked in boxes with the cyanide dangling from a string offthe boxes ceilings.

These boxes would then be e.g. shipped abroad in a steam boat and it could be calculated, according to probability equations, how many of the felines would take the lethal capsule down, eat them and die.

According to quantum physics, inter alia, that all „things“ (waves and particles) can exist at the same time (interwoven), and that an observer, by his mere presence, demonstrably affects every experiment, the cat would arrive both alive and dead at the same time.

So, whether the cat is dead or alive would then be influenced or even caused by the observer’s opening the box (= experimental observer).

Thus, in this thought experiment, it is not a matter of whether or not the cat has eaten the cyanide capsule but up to the observer, which influences the condition of the cat by his „state“ (= degree of his order / oscillation).

To better understand the subject, I recommend you the short video of „Dr. Quantum „, which gives a simple introduction to the world of quantum physics based on the well-known“ double-column experiment „.

Well, what does Schrödinger want to tell us? What „structure“ is he talking about, and what sort of „food“ do we need to get „structured“?

German speakers, fortunate enough to use a very accurate language, ask each other everyday „Bist du in Ordnung?“ which means „are you alright?“ but literally translates as: „Are you in structure“? In fact, this „structure“ would refer to the „structure“ Schrödinger is talking about.

According to Schrödinger, „structure“ relates less to the fact that „food“ displays a certain caloric density, but rather that it transforms our body cells into a certain spatial and / or temporal „structure“  Let us look at what Prof. Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp has to say …

Are humans light-mammals? 

Prof. Fritz-Albert Popp, spiritus rector (the driving force and father of biophoton research in Germany) of the „International Institute of Biophysics“ in Neuss, Germany, says:

„Wir sind primär nicht Kalorienfresser, auch nicht Fleischfresser, Vegetarier oder Allesfresser, sondern Ordnungsräuber und Lichtsäuger“.[2]

 In English:

 „We are not primarily calorie eaters, not carnivores, vegetarians or omnivores, but order robbers and light suckers“.


The word „Lichtsäuger“ would be literally translated by „light sucker“. What F.A. Popp means by that would better be described in English as „light-mammal“.

The fact that plants subsist from sunlight is hardly likely to be denied. But what does it look like in humans? Are we basically „walking plants“ which, instead of an external root system, simply have an internal digestion (gastrointestinal tract) and yet feed ourselves on the light contained in our food?

Does it matter how much „energy“ a „food“ supplies in the form of calories / macronutrients, or rather how much light it contains and how much o fit is integrated to „structure“ our cells?

I strongly recommend the book by F.-A. Popp: „The message of food“ to anyone interested in the topic of nutrition and looking for a distinctively new input. A book providing great information, which is also very eloquently written! Only available in German!

Biophotons, morphogenetic field, Gurwitsch and onions 

The Russian cell biologist Alexander G. Gurwitsch (1874-1954), influenced by the German developmental biologist (see „Froschschenkelexperiment“), philosopher and founder of the „neo-vitalism“ Hans Driesch (1867-1941), is regarded as the discoverer of biophotons!

Gurwitsch followed his intuition, believing that there must be a „biological field“ responsible for regulating organic and cellular processes.

According to Gurwitsch, this field drives and determines organic matter. Thus Gurwitsch created the concept of“morphogenetic field“ (MF) (morpho = formforming).

More recently, the MF gained greater exposure thanks to Prof. Rupert Sheldrake, who applied it in the context of „collective consciousness,“ I won’t be discussing this any further in this article – due to the complexity of the subject.

Gurwitsch believed that living systems (humans, animals, etc.) are primarily determined by their spatial arrangement and not by their chemical processes.

Therefore, cells on a smaller scale (being the smallest functioning unit) and humans on a larger scale are not defined by biochemical processes, rather biochemical processes are defined by their structure (or order, German „Ordnung“)

The essence (the existence) of an organism is therefore its structure and not dependent on specific molecules.

According to Gurwitsch, the „great thing“/“the whole“ is more than the proverbial sum of the individual parts!  While investigating the biological and morphogenetic field in 1922 Gurwitsch made an observation which can be regarded as the actual inception of biophoton research.  Gurwitsch had observed cell division in plant experiments and discovered that the root cells of an onion were stimulated to increase cell division when the tip of a second onion root was directed its way.

He was able to repeat the same cell division-inducing effect in later experiments and could observe, in other plants as well as in animals, the formation of tissues with strong cell division activity.

Biophotons, information, light and coherence

Okay, let’s sum up what we have learned so far:

We know that biophotons are a form of ultraweak light, which determines whether our cells stay in a particular structure or if they tend to drift off in entropy, which could lead to disease – worst case scenario.

Whether something (here our cells) stands in structure or not, can also be described differently, namely are cells in formation (…like „information“).

How do you bring something in formation? Well, trough information! And what’s light? Another form of (electromagnetic) information, which brings our cells in formation.

Bildschirmfoto 2017-07-29 um 18.44.29

Figure 2: Relationship between light (food) and its information on body cells.

Too little light (information) àcells no longer stands in the right formation!

As soon as the human organism is no longer exposed to sufficient light, the cells are no longer properly informed and in the worst case can begin to deform.

Then this means that the 100,000+ chemical reactions that take place every second in our billions of cells might be disrupted. This can lead to dysfunctions (diseases)!

Are all nutritional strategies ultimately mere belief systems?

Cogito Ergo Sum (I think, therefore I am). This statement is attributed to the philosopher René Descartes who, in his work „Meditationes de prima philosophia“ (1641), deals with the ability to recognize.

After the rather provocative statement that all nutritional strategies are ultimately based on beliefs, I can picture all the skeptics and hardcore „science-facts-fetishists“ burrowing their frows and scratching their heads.

Cause finally someone who belives in something cannot know if it’s really evident, can he? Let me ask you a question: how can there be people who consume food, which from a nutritional physiological point can only be described as „fillers“?

How can it be that they do not suffer from any deficiencies and can even achieve top athletic performance? Well, must be the famous exceptions (which supposedly confirm the rule), and lie left and right of the Gausch normal distribution curve, right?

My random thoughts on food or: Is there a God? 

The illustration shows an individual (smiley) in the center.He has certain thoughts, beliefs and thus has formed or adopted concrete belief systems. I consider thoughts here as a form of energy or energy wave.

Bildschirmfoto 2017-07-29 um 18.53.45

Figure 3: My explanation for quantum physics, waves and particles.

Let’s stick to the nutrition example:

Let’s say our individual (smiley) deeply believes that pizza is THE best food to burn body fat, as well as build muscle and strength. We assume that this belief is deeply anchored and that there is not the slightest hint of a doubt!

This belief is never questioned by the smiley, and he now sends this belief to the quantum field or the use of unscientific formulation to a „higher mind, God.“ In this quantum field ALL possibilities exist at the SAME „time“; They are thus interwoven with each other. (–> See „Schrödinger’s cat“)

The word time is in quotation marks, since with quantum physics time becomes a slightly different notion from what we generally accept– in accordance to a number of belief principles- that is, something different from that linear sequence measured from sunrise to sunset.

If our Smiley is convinced that Pizza is THE best food to burn body fat, as well as to build muscle and strength, the process of a materialization / realization of the „particle“ can take place unhindered. By „particles“ here I mean the molecular structure, since the pizza exists in „reality“ and is made up of „particles“ (i.e., atoms) rather than of intangible energy (waves).

This means that consuming pizza allows the physical body of our Smiley (made up of billions cells) to be structured / informed so that he actually loses body fat as well as builds muscle mass and strength – ALTHOUGH pizza is not – from a nutritional physiological point of view – the optimum food for these purposes!

Now, however, the inevitable question arises, why doesn‘t it work for all people?

Does belief move mountains nutrition teaching? 

Faith, of course, does move mountains. But why do some people (consciously or unconsciously) succeed in implementing the lifestyle described above whereas other obviously don’t?

 Here my attempt at an explanation:

Bildschirmfoto 2017-07-29 um 19.03.50

Figure 4: My explanatory attempt why some people do not get what they wish for.

Many people do not realize that they don’t really believe in what they are doing. Once you begin to question your beliefs, it makes it impossible to realize / manifest them.

Thanks to the „Schrödinger’s cat“, we know that the observer of an experiment (here our smiley, which observes himself) will inevitably influence the outcome.

So, our smiley reads, for example, an article stating that wheat pizza has a negative impact on the gastrointestinal tract, that it contains gluten and that the ham in the pizza entails the suffering of animals killed in conventional farming etc

Our smiley loses his smile right away because he now believes (because of new information or beliefs) that the pizza is a dietary „antichrist“. He has now replaced old beliefs with new ones, still, the process takes place in the same fashion, just now according to new ideas that have replaced the old ones…

Biophotons and „light water“ 

Dr. rer. nat. Michael König investigated the effect free electron concentration on subjects (as regards the biophoton concentration in the human organism) of so-called „light water“ from Aquion®.

The subjects had to drink three glasses (200 ml each) of water. The first glass was conventional tap water, glass two was ionized „active water“ from an electronic water ionizer (also Aquion®), and the third glass contained ionized water (same device), which was, inaddition, enriched with modulated infrared light.

In order to determine the effect the different water types had on the organism, three different measurements were carried out on 10 subjects with a so-called „photon diagnosis system“.

Photon diagnosis and Krilian photography

This „diagnostic tool“ analyzed the distribution of electric charge carriers, electrons in particular, as measured on the skin surface (especially on the toes and finger tips). This method is based on the so-called „Krilianphotography“ (procedure for measuring elcetric charges).

Photon diagnostic systems – such as those described – are used by physicians and non-medical practitioners in alternative medicine to assess a treatment with before and after measurements.

Biophotons boost by the „right“ water? 

The number of subjects in this study of Dr. King was only 10 people, which is probably the reason why the skeptics are now speaking up and one could immediately counter that this number is much too small to make a representative statement.

Dr King’s study only examined 10 people, which is probably the reason why the skeptics are so loud and claim that the number is much too small to be representative.

Objections appart, it was found that the photon radiation increased by 8% after drinking ionized water and by an average of 21.6% after drinking of modulated „light water“ (+ ionization) (see graph).

Bildschirmfoto 2017-08-03 um 09.31.27

Figure 5: Own presentation, based on source: expert opinion Dr. König, from 16.5.2016, 􏰀 page 7.

Why you can’t find „free-range“ eggs during winter!

Beliefs hold such an important part in our lives, since we are often deceived as consumers. Perhaps the word „deception“ is also incorrect, and manipulation would describe it better.

However, manipulation is by no means negatively connoted, it merely shows that we are easily influenced, and beliefs easily implanted in our brains. For instance when I tell you not to think of a pink elephant, the image of a pink elephant will immediately appear in your head, not the image of an armadillo! So, I’ve been manipulating you …

Example: the egg purchase:

In his book „Die Botschaft der Nahrung“, Fritz-Albert Popp gives a report, among other things, about the biophoton concentration of several egg grades. He aimed at clarifying whether „free-range“ eggs emit more biophotons or if there is any difference with caged eggs.


Throughout numerous studies, the eggs of 325 brown laying hens were examined in a large trial in cooperation with the Institute for Small Animal Breeding of the Bundesforschungsanstalt in Celle by Barbara Köhler.

This study concluded that:

1.    Free-range eggs emit more Biophotons than caged eggs.#

2.  The differences (between cage and free-range) show the higher structure state of free range eggs. (According to Schrödinger’s principle)

If you are interested in reading the exact experiment setup with all data and facts, you can check Popp’s 1999 book, p. 72 f. For doubters, he pointed out there as well that a similar experiment that was carried out in Switzerland, also concluded that the free-range eggs emitted much more biophotons than caged eggs.[3] Fritz-Albert Popp also emphasizes:

„Der Leser möge sich beispielsweise überlegen, dass es im Winter bei sehr niedrigen Temperaturen trotzt reichhaltigen Angebots Freilandeier gar nicht geben kann! Welche Henne geht schon freiwillig in den Schnee?“

 In English:

„The reader may, for example, consider that in winter, at very low temperatures, despite the numerous claims there cannot be such a thing as free range eggs! Which hen is going voluntarily into the snow? „[4]

Conclusion – ordo et claritas 


Phew, this was the longest and most complex article on my blog so far, let’s take a quick look at all the information that in-formed us 😉

I would like to emphasize that I’m not in any way trying to present a dogmatic view. Nor am I saying that all prevalent dietary teachings are wrong and that my perspective is the only correct one.

It is not a matter of being „right“, but simply sharing my reflections and encouraging the reader to make his own critical review. Ultimately, all our actions – whether conscious or subconscious – are based on beliefs. Is it at all possible to hold no belief?

Because if I believe in nothing or that this article here for example is just nonsense, then I am also holding a belief ;). Someone who holds a belief cannot really proveanything, right? 😉

Are all our nutritional strategies – from advocates of pure products of sun exposure to the fast-food-bashers out there – to a large extent, perhaps only based upon beliefs?

Biophotons are nevertheless a fascinating topic, and if it is possible to „better“ the structural state of our cells, then this should also bring a performance increase in the gym, right? The Latin term „ordo et claritas“ (structure and brightness) is probably awell known term.

According to my previous researches on the subject of biophotons, I wonder howeverwhether it should be called „ordo a claritas“ (structure by brightness) …

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[1]Vgl. Vgl. Popp (1999).

[2]Vgl. Popp, „Die Botschaft der Nahrung“, S. 55.

[3]Vgl. Popp (1999), S. 80.

[4]Vgl. Popp (1999), S. 80.

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